Why I Left Twitter
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    well that was a fucking lie

  • Morpheus

    Nice and easy win against neo

  • GudGuy27

    Well that didn't age well

  • Abdi Mahamed
    Abdi Mahamed

    Why’d he say neeko at 13:00

  • FatalCrAcK


  • Joseph Simmons III
    Joseph Simmons III

    Nice video really good

  • xXploughed YourmumXx
    xXploughed YourmumXx

    Isis has a Twitter account and hasn’t been canceled

  • Y0za

    What about Tumblr?

  • Martial Artist92
    Martial Artist92


  • Florenzo29YT

    Wow KSI has been holding that mug half of he vid

  • Jinzo TV
    Jinzo TV

    Feel you man twitter is like a toxic relationship, reddit is better xD

  • Vreekarei Oda
    Vreekarei Oda

    I just wanted to express my thoughts here. Recently, I opened a Twitter account to support a band that I have been supporting silently. It's because the votings will be counted through Twitter, but of course, before the event starts, we have engagements with others in the fandom.. and I was certainly reminded WHY I left social media for 2 years at the first place. You will definitely feel small and you will get trapped in the need for validation. There was a time wherein we posted theories on the upcoming songs, and I just felt bad that no one noticed my ideas, whereas those bigass accounts shared theirs, even though they're nonsense get the most views, RTs. I feel so frustrated and disappointed.

  • mouses_pop

    nice vid subscibe to JJ Olatunji and ksi

  • Paige Van Beek
    Paige Van Beek

    Ngl youtube starting cancel culture. I mean markiplier got a strike for the stupidest shit.

  • shakur Imad
    shakur Imad


  • Not Telling You
    Not Telling You

    Even Pornhub is not as bad as the Blue Toxic Bird...

  • Arfan Syazwan
    Arfan Syazwan

    Twitter should have some moderation over false cancel culture

  • Marcus Clarke
    Marcus Clarke

    So often now that as soon as your accused of something that's it your fucked on twitter

  • Bloodyheaders

    Twitter tried to cancel freddie gibbs im done

  • Tricky Life
    Tricky Life

    Morpheus : Makes a Comeback Neo : *Just comes back*

  • Phole Rathebe
    Phole Rathebe

    We want fwb's in your performance

  • Anime Whatever
    Anime Whatever

    this is so true bro literally any community no matter what its about twitter will find a way to complain about it

  • Lonely Sunset
    Lonely Sunset

    JJ: let me put a trigger warning on that .. Ad: ✨HBO max..✨

  • Rottie don
    Rottie don


  • Sonicfire754

    14:10 this was worth a Ternion All-Powerful Award

  • Anguilla

    That one didn't age well.

  • luke morton
    luke morton

    ksi talking about twitter being toxic and ripping him off for every mistake: ksi going to his reddit page like:🤡

  • Harryboi 64
    Harryboi 64

    Looks like he’s back on Twitter though 😆

    • I GoLD GinGY090 I
      I GoLD GinGY090 I

      He came back once for niko

  • Abad03

    how dare you talk about question marks when some kids are getting beat with clothing hangers. disliked.

  • Mango


  • SSJ Hokage!
    SSJ Hokage!


  • CoZeXC

    If you guys are trying to find the neo and morpheus rematch here 7:30 You're very welcome

  • Moahmed Allam
    Moahmed Allam

    *LMAO* at the way ha said delicious... Delacios 7:19

  • simon gardiner
    simon gardiner

    Ha ha ha ha

  • B L A C K _ W·D·A
    B L A C K _ W·D·A

    4:45 Did He Said Astaxfruallah ? 😂

  • Jamie

    Twitter genuinely has you thinking everyone's an arsehole. I've had about 15 accounts. I'm gonna have to jump on reddit or something, I don't do much social media because of reasons like I said about twitter

  • Kyler Thomas
    Kyler Thomas

    ? Beat

  • Valon Velija
    Valon Velija

    In 120 hours you can either - Finish Persona 5, The Witcher, pretty much all Final Fantasys - Fail your driver's license likes 3 times Or do a video of every JJ's character to get like 20 seconds in his reddit video

  • Someone: Spends 120+ hours making a video JJ: Upvote Someone: Makes a picture of JJ with 1600 memes JJ: Platinum Someone: Makes a meme with 6 templates JJ: Gold Someone: Makes a meme with one picture and 3 letters JJ: Not platinum, not gold but Argentinium award!!!

  • Adz23


  • Lockys A sweat
    Lockys A sweat

    Twitter watching this.......

  • C4L3B _
    C4L3B _

    Another reason he left: He got out-ratio by Tommy...

    • I GoLD GinGY090 I
      I GoLD GinGY090 I

      Nope try again

  • Amaan ahmed
    Amaan ahmed

    JJ don't read his comments

  • Amaan ahmed
    Amaan ahmed


  • Avocad h2o
    Avocad h2o

    thank fucking God he didn't say tiktok when he was listing good apps

  • Kaitlin Graceffa
    Kaitlin Graceffa


  • Warrior Fire
    Warrior Fire

    This s guy what a legend he can make something pretty serious have some jokes to make people see brighter days

  • Nemesis- P
    Nemesis- P

    Ksi Vs Jake 👇🏼 Petition

  • UKDrillManic

    KSI: breathes Twitter: and I took that personally...

  • Michael Armstrong
    Michael Armstrong

    Ksi fam be spitting facts about twitter

  • Shant Ingilizian
    Shant Ingilizian

    Nobody cares

  • No Name
    No Name

    And life is great again


    He said Reddit is OP lmaoo

  • Barely Breathing
    Barely Breathing

    KSI is spitting facts

  • Slack Starfish81
    Slack Starfish81

    Imma be real, I despise Jake Paul, but I saw the win coming from a mile away. Ben Askren just legitimately didn’t care, even in press. Dudes got a dad bod and wore flip flops😂 I mean he clearly just did it for the bread. Clearly didn’t train much at all. At least in my opinion, Jake still hasn’t fought a very worthy opponent. I mean deji was literally a better boxer than Ben. Ksi even could tell Jake was probably gonna win

  • Night Sketch
    Night Sketch

    Damn, Ben just lost faster then gib.. dumb ref.. Ben still had it in him,... KSI.. you know what do to.. that's all I'm gonna say.

  • Nina Bina
    Nina Bina

    Instagram and tiktok are bad too. It’s not even Twitter anymore

  • Rion Gaming
    Rion Gaming

    THIS RELATES TO SOUTH PARK The story of Eric and hedei getting together

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris

    Getting rid of Facebook and Twitter last year was the best choice I've ever made :)

  • Luna Impact
    Luna Impact


  • -_- boablo -_-
    -_- boablo -_-

    Pov: you checked to see if he’s verified

  • LK Mamaril
    LK Mamaril

    WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SHOW THE HANGER IT IS GIVING ME FLASHBACKS #Cancelhangers #cancelquestionmarks

  • Penny Theobald
    Penny Theobald

    This vid is 100% facts but are we not gonna talk about how in the sidemen would you rather back in January 2020 JJ agreed with Ethan and Ethan said “ Twitter is undefeated” then JJ said to that “Yeah” how the tables turn 😂😂

    • Suhaimi Hadi
      Suhaimi Hadi

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  • thotslayer

    They’re gonna start cancelling bicycles soon because it’s somehow offensive to disabled people

  • CODED Gaming
    CODED Gaming

    Finally! You dont need twitter

  • griffineridan

    It’s really not that hard to say a slur

  • Perry Wyse
    Perry Wyse

    Fun fact: you only saw KSI sip once in this video

  • metadr0n13

    Yo JJ if you like crypto and Nfts you should definitely check out Ecomi (OMI) and their app VeVe. OMI IS MY HOMIE 🚀🚀🚀

  • Loveandworldpeace

    Fcuk Twitter

  • Oof

    I'm late and a bit off topic. So I'm more of an Instagram guy. Basically i thought that Instagram are cancerous and toxic. That was until i used Twitter. I'm a football fan, so my team just lost a match (Dortmund vs City). In Instagram, most of the comments/posts are Bayern or City fans complimenting our team, class act (there's still toxic people tho). While in Twitter, fucking hell, a player from Dortmund (Bellingham) being mocked for no reason by City fans. Like wtf man, what is your purpose

  • Bloody Panda 2.0
    Bloody Panda 2.0

    what does CC mean

  • Megan Walker
    Megan Walker

    Hi KSI, my boyfriend is doing a charity boxing match for cancer research and I was hoping you would help and donate. He’s looking to raising £500 before the fight which is going to be on the 17th July!!! Xxxx

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales

    I'm also glad that I Left Twitter, I Deactivated My Account on March 18 so it Disappears Completely this Sunday.

  • Benji Xiong
    Benji Xiong

    JJ why don't you leave your hair too its a best choice too

  • DonnerK

    2:40 "Ramadan for a bit there"

  • Best Of All
    Best Of All

    When u think jake couldn’t get worse sltoos.info/for/tmKfv8iHmoOAt6Q/video

  • Caleb Berezowski
    Caleb Berezowski

    The one thing that needs to be cancelled rn is cancel culture

  • MajoraItself

    Just gonna leave these here while I can ?????????????????????????????????????

  • Ban

    Twitter should be the meaning of toxicity kids

  • A

    Who else likes that attack on Titan is playing a bigger part in his vids now

  • Mustafa Adip Rahman
    Mustafa Adip Rahman

    plz dont backbite

  • Mustafa Adip Rahman
    Mustafa Adip Rahman

    remove haram music

  • Deadly Shinobi
    Deadly Shinobi

    Please react to this music video called: Pon De Floor song by Major Lazer

  • SSAshton

    Jj as the armored titan 👌

  • TheWiss4m

    12:06 lowkey looks like anesongib

  • Durv Clickbaits lol
    Durv Clickbaits lol

    Twitter is awful. Stay off it.

  • Real_JellyXX100XX

    16:20 thx JJ i got the most amazing add of my life it was 5 mins and i saw it all it was idk how to explain it but it was magical 😂😂😂 thx JJ 😂😂😂

  • Kenny

    Am I the only one who feels glad because I never even thought of downloading twitter.

  • Ishaq

    The strand of hair sticking out lookes like the nazis salute

  • Nope

    Tik tok aswel... Toxic af

  • Sid

    Big brain move, even before cancel culture was a thing i never made a twitter account cuz I thought it will be stupid and here we are, all I see is doghsit tweets that have toxic responses or just gifs that take up half the page of one post.

  • EndyRayz

    Deleting my twitter account right know fam I just made just that for minecraft mob votes but fuck it

  • SLAM

    Your laugh in 2x is so fun😆😆

  • cheezu.

    good on you man!

  • itz shad
    itz shad

    It’s used to be good but it’s shit now it’s dying

  • Isha Ali
    Isha Ali

    When JJ said Us and Neeko.....That was a violation I can’t wait till Niko sees this video😭😭😭

    • Nishu Tiwari
      Nishu Tiwari

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  • 637 Tommy
    637 Tommy

    1:58 Do you need sum to talk too? :0

  • jack

    13:05 us and who?

  • methods_99


  • Arianna Abreu
    Arianna Abreu

    Back at it with phil laying to your gole bof

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