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  • Atir Ahmad
    Atir Ahmad

    15:18 ladies and gentlemen we got em

  • Luca De Santis
    Luca De Santis

    Disappointed :( 3:58

  • MLB Recap 2
    MLB Recap 2

    Stop saying Jesus name in vein

  • Robert Reno
    Robert Reno

    Simon looking like Johnny sins

  • Skyro Kal
    Skyro Kal

    Nobody is even asking that ksi uses bandicam

  • Collapse


  • Sidney Nderitu
    Sidney Nderitu

    Who else just watches for his reaction

  • James MacDonald
    James MacDonald

    1:25 I love JJ’s reaction 😂

  • Lil Marsh
    Lil Marsh

    Reddit: *Doesn’t harass JJ" JJ: “Is something wrong guys?”

  • Greenery games
    Greenery games

    He roasted PewDiePie for using bandicam but he used it recently

  • Greenery games
    Greenery games

    He said he use to use it but it said 4/2/2020

  • KuroYami

    this "guy" from attack on titan... *sad Pieck noises* xD

  • Opmaster Clan
    Opmaster Clan

    Why is bandicam bad

  • Re: Al
    Re: Al

    Why does bald Vik look like a whole supervillian

  • Mady ki vines
    Mady ki vines

    Harry: *sees the title* "PATHETIC."

  • Oliver Lopez garcia
    Oliver Lopez garcia

    What is bandicam?

  • JayJay x Savage
    JayJay x Savage

    1:07 ethan looks like jonny sins bruv

  • Dre Moneyy
    Dre Moneyy


  • Mosa Abdul
    Mosa Abdul

    naaaah ethan looks sick him bold and vik just looks like a rich uncle thats indian but doesnt look like it

  • Nitant Desai
    Nitant Desai

    JJ:calls peick (cart titan) a guy Aot S4 :but it was me

  • Anže Repše
    Anže Repše

    1:06 Ethan became Johnny Sins😂

  • Pruthak Thakkar
    Pruthak Thakkar

    12:30 my headphones went KABOOM!

  • Pyxie Dixie
    Pyxie Dixie

    Ethan went from "Steal your sandwich" to "Bang my sis"

  • Robbie Vincent
    Robbie Vincent

    I'm 17😁

  • skrbblr

    Ang op naman iyan UwU

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    Pewdiepie rn 👀😅

  • Toothpaste

    The guys Twitter handle is literally comedyjohn42, was it really that hard?

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom

    JJ: “That’s low-key racist!” Also JJ: “Why is there an egg on my screen??!?”

  • Christoric

    well just saw the meme about the install date of the bandicam before i came to see this one

  • Tristan Connolly
    Tristan Connolly

    Anyone notice jj has a light that changes when he clapped

  • Meme College
    Meme College

    I dying when he speaks African after seeing Bald Tobi 🤣😂😂

  • itsbobdagamer

    You using bandicam?

  • talzr

    3:57 so no one is going to talk about how the reddit post hit 15.8k upvotes as JJ was looking at it

  • Eddygansta

    tanjoubi wa itsu desuka

  • Austin Wachira
    Austin Wachira

    What's wrong with Bandicam

  • Austin Wachira
    Austin Wachira

    Bold Josh looks like Van Gerwen, Bald Ethan looks like British Ston Cold Steve Austin 🤣🤣

  • Nigel Colaco
    Nigel Colaco

    9:13 Unfortunately he did not smash that

  • karikari's world
    karikari's world

    35 old I'm fucked proper old boomer at 43 BUT SIDEMEN AND some youtubers are far much better to watch than TV and it's reality soaps bollocks

  • Jaiden Navarro
    Jaiden Navarro

    makes my day

  • Jaiden Navarro
    Jaiden Navarro

    just me hearing was up everybody its ya boy ksijjblanti

  • Ateeba

    And pewdiepie

  • Chocobun

    Im addicted of ksi laugh

  • Alfieblue2202

    We were so close to it bois better luck next time

  • DannyAH99

    Still can’t box

  • ariana tay
    ariana tay


  • Jericho Yagin
    Jericho Yagin

    1:05 Vikk looks like he is the ceo of a million dollar company.

  • Amang Limbu
    Amang Limbu

    Mom:Go play with the neighbours kid The Neighbours Kid: 2:02

  • Edenツ

    He had to end the video because he deleted bandicam

  • Ki Ha
    Ki Ha

    I don't understand the joke about bandican can someone explain?

  • Feested

    Yooo I've seen the wtf sign before, a girl showed it to me and she looked pissed

  • Lukáš Herynek
    Lukáš Herynek

    14:08 cenim slovaka ve videu

  • Crocko Reptile
    Crocko Reptile

    Phil Mitchell is from the Soap opera Eastenders. He’s Bald and the music JJ references is the Eastenders credits

  • Sid Tom
    Sid Tom

    He still hasn’t used any of these signs on Sidemen Sunday!

  • Flxkey

    7:24 1:00AM After NNN

  • ITZ RX
    ITZ RX

    Blad Ethan looks like my dad who left

  • Suhana Kumar
    Suhana Kumar

    What's bandicam

  • Spider-Man 123
    Spider-Man 123

    I think Ethan looks good bald

  • lemonMan

    his vids are still going hard

  • Gnome

    hey u look kinda like ksi

  • Louis Cong
    Louis Cong

    Jj:old is like when your strugling to walk. Me who doesnt have a leg:seems legit

    • Katelijn Hovestad
      Katelijn Hovestad

      U alright man?

  • Odugbebe Emmanuel
    Odugbebe Emmanuel

    Wait...did he just say kìlodé?😳🙁😄

  • KalmoK

    Too bad Alex didn't really quit, he just uploaded like an hour ago...

  • Jan Kortán
    Jan Kortán

    Ten typek jak dal s tím bandicam tak byl Slovák jestli jste si nevšimli lol

  • JMD

    2021 is looking very good! Boris: NO!

  • Divij Pownikar
    Divij Pownikar

    If anything JJ is like vegeta no specific reason 😏


    1 month later, I am still waiting for pewdiepie reaction on it. : (

  • 虞鹏举

    i'm an ice cream cone? racist

  • Bruh

    13:43 What you came for

  • rootbeerbellyboy

    What's wrong with bandicam??

  • xRosePetalx

    Him: I used to use bandicam Me: hold on zoom in right there, ok ok that’s it stop Date: 4/2/2020 Boys, we’ve done it.

  • Big Yoda
    Big Yoda

    3:57 bro i actually got mad

  • Muhsin Shah
    Muhsin Shah

    4:59 That Cat licking its ass, nearly killed me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hope Kayl
    Hope Kayl

    You should react to get a new hobby fail army

  • BayernFan and LiverpoolFan
    BayernFan and LiverpoolFan

    15:13 is the thumbnail

  • Craklaetor

    JJ technically already has a beard but he just cant grow it,dont be sad jj

  • Jordan Mardo
    Jordan Mardo

    3:20 He talking about jake Paul

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming


    • Eshan Shehzad
      Eshan Shehzad

      In weight

    • Jack Virus
      Jack Virus

      What are u doing here

  • Max Cj
    Max Cj

    When ksi bullies pewdie pie for using bandicam😂😂😂

  • computer account
    computer account

    Oh.. he installed bandicam February 2020...

  • computer account
    computer account

    This man has battle.net and it was made in 1996. Everyone expose him.

  • Azwad Sifat
    Azwad Sifat


  • Ardo Simps0on
    Ardo Simps0on

    1:00 Demetrius Johnson Tyson Fury John Jones Conor

  • Progamertv

    You ain't beating jake if he beats ben askren

  • Jeric Rodriguez
    Jeric Rodriguez

    What video is the Ethan meme from?

  • J Flores
    J Flores

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GET HYPER

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz

    He made fun of pewdiepie and now look

  • Aayush Regmi
    Aayush Regmi

    JJ:35 is old Mike majlak : 😏😏😏


    "I can't get away with anything!" Ahahah)

  • CrazyCSIW6

    Ah yes, the classic "exposed every 6 months" trick. Works every time

  • Tair Antonio
    Tair Antonio

    What is wrong wifh bandi cam

  • Lue’s life
    Lue’s life

    That durag is from Lurags.com

  • Zeus #
    Zeus #

    Ksi laughing to pewd for using bandicam....😂

  • Kim Jong-Un
    Kim Jong-Un


  • Scatter Shot
    Scatter Shot

    4:00, One of the tings that JJ should have done right there and got over with it !!!

  • NR X94 Smoke
    NR X94 Smoke

    7:23: MY HANDS ARE READY! *grabs cream*

  • Soufyan Ben jalef
    Soufyan Ben jalef


  • Emem Christopher
    Emem Christopher

    Fam said kilode ‼️🤣

  • Manraj singh
    Manraj singh

    12:21,i like how the xbox is just on

  • stalesandwiches

    Send reinforcements

  • stalesandwiches

    Oh yeah yeah