Try Not To Laugh (Fail Edition)
So I got My channel Banned for a Week. I couldn't post any of my videos. So i'm just uploading them now just so we're all up to date

  • The Strangeman
    The Strangeman

    3:12 Did she really chop her fingers off? what is going on?

  • Kanna

    11:45 Is that you?!

  • Atomic_ Bowtie
    Atomic_ Bowtie

    JJ, plssss fight me, i will go 5 rounds to get the views up promise u i wont end u in 1 round fam

  • meanbeanmac

    How did he not realise 5:08 is a parody of his own parents

  • Henry Edwards
    Henry Edwards

    Yinka scrubbed away the hairline

  • Zahra Dossa
    Zahra Dossa

    Lol ma mom would do the same ksi

  • Abubakr Khan
    Abubakr Khan

    Shit man I didn't inhale and was like it aint wrkin

  • Conal Gaming
    Conal Gaming

    I live in ierland

  • Ragnith

    Its all coming together, Belgium = Belarus

  • lenny tavarez
    lenny tavarez

    that shower part is damn fucking true and yes it hurts so much when mom scrubs lol

  • Jairus_XD

    i only laugh when jj laughs

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart

    Irish parents be like this man 😂

  • UNG_vertile

    5:00 what the hell is that movement

  • ALivingCheese

    Cries in bulgarian

  • Dootje BTB
    Dootje BTB

    i am bulgarian and this was so hilarious😂😂

  • Adithya Ajith
    Adithya Ajith

    6:01 the balla tho

  • Jack Dillon
    Jack Dillon

    You see when he said he's going to make him blind is going come on his face 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    6:58 It’s like a placebo, lmfao

  • TheTrash Noob
    TheTrash Noob

    all bulgarians are mad at 8:52

  • Joseph Simmons III
    Joseph Simmons III

    Good video!

  • Rebekah Bahian
    Rebekah Bahian

    2:20 goooosshhh that's so sweeett naol

  • Idaho Mountain Outdoors
    Idaho Mountain Outdoors

    9:16 MrBro and a highschool bathroom had a baby

  • Idaho Mountain Outdoors
    Idaho Mountain Outdoors

    ksi's beard look like if i put to much pepper on my eggs

  • مريم محمد
    مريم محمد


  • Epticalog 2
    Epticalog 2

    Bulgaria gang were you are🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

  • Ovallife

    2:31 then pause

  • sam wilson
    sam wilson

    The one that farted looks like yinka and jjs dad ahaha

  • HYPER Ahmet
    HYPER Ahmet


  • Richard A
    Richard A

    i’m tellin you bro you actually think you are getting high it will feel like you actually are

  • kiran Param
    kiran Param

    11:36 So KSI's alter ego is li'l yachty

  • its.Musi.Ψ

    1:36 when Arab parents dont get a son

  • Caped Baldy
    Caped Baldy

    2:48 me in a test

  • Daniel Rao
    Daniel Rao

    try not to laugh challenge, literally laughs after every single one. :L

  • Akbar LT
    Akbar LT

    1:36 ptsd moment

  • Yabo1king834


  • Basketball Boy
    Basketball Boy


  • Basketball Boy
    Basketball Boy

    What is that cry

  • Aiden Kotowski
    Aiden Kotowski

    did i just hear frecrently😂good try jj much love 😂😂

  • Cody Schnick
    Cody Schnick

    KSI uploading frequently am I on the right channel

  • StinkDude _
    StinkDude _

    U just cant watch a video without laughing at his laugh... xD

  • Rensupereme2004

    People During this video 😂😂😦😦😂😂

  • Robert Gould
    Robert Gould

    but you're supposed to inhale shisha too

  • Trent Carpenter
    Trent Carpenter

    When your a todler and you cant speak

  • Antony Rivera
    Antony Rivera

    God loves you❤

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    Did his mom scrub him so hard, it effected his facial hair?

  • Slide

    0:58 when your white friend trys to act like a roadman after watching a uk drill film

  • Sukhen Roy
    Sukhen Roy

    5:08 JJ's parents got a huge glow up !

  • Philip Caputo
    Philip Caputo

    8:06 if you play fifa you know all these flags

  • Toby Lannoo
    Toby Lannoo

    2021 is not the year of ksis beard lmao

  • Midiefriends

    3:53 When the doom music kicks in

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga

    That’s cuz Jesus Christ is my

  • NX NyDra
    NX NyDra

    Saudi Arabia = Austria

  • N45

    When he said he didn't know what Bulgaria is i felt pain. Da ti eba maikata

  • Kazi Mahdi
    Kazi Mahdi

    bruh when JJ does his outro and you have subtitiles on it legit says at the end ksiolsjidebt

  • Dragonswyper


  • Moses Uchiha
    Moses Uchiha

  • heli Copter ジ
    heli Copter ジ

    Alternate title: try not to laugh (you addition)

  • ttv_smartie Yeah
    ttv_smartie Yeah

    I was looking back at some old videos and I remembered how sad I was after knowing that my favorite SLtoosr doesn’t know my country

  • Joe Kokai
    Joe Kokai

    I remember the time when JJ said he'd fight all of reddit at once... I'd like to see him try and beat us. That would jokes for a video though


    Where are my Belgians at

  • Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos

    He said Belgium

  • Chongo Ok
    Chongo Ok

    Did you grow up in Nigeria cause I've only ever done the bucket thing in Nigeria never in America but maybe UK is diff

  • 3x.aztexz

    4:45 my familly still do that


    3:10 He crossed the line

  • L Records
    L Records

    I'm proud that u knew the "Belgian" flag.


    Like als ge belg zijt

  • Nicolas Bowker
    Nicolas Bowker

    No matter how many he does, it never gets old

  • ling ling
    ling ling

    2:33 girls laughign

  • Mark Moonsamy
    Mark Moonsamy

    Please do dark humor 😂

  • tony leon
    tony leon

  • 0_0

    You literally said TURKEY, lol

  • DoodyDraws

    Yup .. I’m from Egy-pit Fml 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • HiKosmin
    HiKosmin if you don't laugh this one , you are a god

  • Leonardo Soares Fuks
    Leonardo Soares Fuks

    the amount of likes is unbeliavable

  • ForTheWayde

    3:20 is golden honestly

  • Raymond Nylen
    Raymond Nylen

    its funny how some of ksi videos have more likes than some pewdiepies videos

  • Football King
    Football King

    4:54 same thing here lol me: mom chill mom: im doing it light

  • Eotoki

    no offence man but what is that beard

  • Reckon & Blazer
    Reckon & Blazer

    So I'm not the only one

  • Rowcookie 39
    Rowcookie 39

    when you have to go back to school in real life 3:18

  • luis santacruz
    luis santacruz

    The part where he explained on how they use to shower. mannnnnnnnn i felt that lol we use to do that in México lol came a long way.

  • metallic lemon
    metallic lemon

    That weed brownie guy had to be faking

  • Piggly Wiggly
    Piggly Wiggly

    Imagine meeting ur gfs parents and her dad is KSI I would be like yooooooo

  • ShadowBgGaming

    8:53 hurt my feelings:(

  • Hassan Mehmood
    Hassan Mehmood

    6:01 you didnt get the joke

  • 100 subs no videos
    100 subs no videos

    He just now all the flags from FIFA and soccer

  • 100 subs no videos
    100 subs no videos


  • Jeff Russell
    Jeff Russell


  • Habit

    I was just speeding trough the video skipping 10 sec every time, man i couldn’t find any sec of you not lauging...

  • raad -رعد
    raad -رعد

    طلع يعرفنا السلق هههههههههههههههههههههههه

  • ahmed albrans
    ahmed albrans

    Hi, I am Your follower from Egypt, I like it. The video thanks

  • Unspeakable Peeps
    Unspeakable Peeps

    3:50 here comes the British Deadpool

  • Unspeakable Peeps
    Unspeakable Peeps

    3:24 me either bruv

  • MR Suporter
    MR Suporter

    4:00 - 4:07 caught me by surprise and laughed. Am i a bad person? xD

  • Just Frank
    Just Frank

    8:30 damn didn't know I lived in Belarus

  • Alfie Moran
    Alfie Moran

    Tbh the blind dude might of had a book in Braille

  • Raf Slomp
    Raf Slomp

    BELGIUUUUUUMMMMMMM KSI f*cking knew it you're a legend hahaha

  • Sungazing Rn
    Sungazing Rn

    My guy said eggypit

  • Adam Bino
    Adam Bino

    Blind guy:let me prank da ppl :ppl wtf is going on with this guy if he's blind how is he reding

  • Ervin Mestan
    Ervin Mestan

    Wtf is that beard my guy? Cut that shit off right now!