This Youtube Vs TikTok Boxing Event is...
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  • Angel Valdovinos
    Angel Valdovinos

    Ksi as a teenager 💀💀💀 idk why I laughed so hard at that

  • Bryan Rimbaud
    Bryan Rimbaud

    Nice t-shirt mr. KSI sir

  • Hollywoods Nightmare
    Hollywoods Nightmare

    Make the video about boxing ... Fuck all this other shit 😂

  • Alberto Garcia
    Alberto Garcia

    Ksi laughing in pain..,,

  • Spectr0


  • jUst Cinnamxn
    jUst Cinnamxn

    KSI and Blueface would be dope.

  • Whataguy Bomb
    Whataguy Bomb

    me be like: jarvis vs mchael lee hmm is jarvis going to lose another game again get it cause he lost fortnite and its game and boxing is a game :c)

  • muni chetty
    muni chetty

    Bro JJ should be in it

  • Wonqke

    0.57 His shirt looks pretty cool😂😂

  • Boryana Nusheva
    Boryana Nusheva

    yo ksi you went on newsround didn,t you

  • Dy2a

    Has jj seen the vid where tayler holder and Bryce hall punched Bradley Martin there weak as compared to jj

  • Dy2a

    ksi join the fight

  • Joseph Simmons III
    Joseph Simmons III

    Good video!

  • Ahmad Jamaleddin
    Ahmad Jamaleddin

    Keemokazi vs dannyduncan

  • Deypolix

    This is why boxing sucks these days

  • Jake Brunette
    Jake Brunette

    How do you not know who Danny Duncan is you should go check them out he’s really funny

  • Untie.Me_Dream Niki
    Untie.Me_Dream Niki

    I had a TikTok faze....... yeah.... let’s not talk about that. But yeah. That’s has definitely changed. I still think Bryce will win over Austin but I don’t like any of those two

  • Landeno

    The dude deji fighting is actually a really good dude show him some love lol

    • Nick N
      Nick N

      Nawl he’s a puss tiktoker

  • Isnipe4 Fun
    Isnipe4 Fun

    Please fight punk ass Taylor holder please

  • jeffery carrera
    jeffery carrera

    I’m in subbing if you really don’t know Danny Duncan

  • HavokFN

    I’ll assure you one thing tayler will knock the fuck out of gib just know that tayler has grown up with a boxing ring and he’s a god in boxing. He may have small arms but he can throw hands like deadass

  • Kino Hatake
    Kino Hatake

    KSI’s next song: Amos pal rancho Compa

  • Martial Artist92
    Martial Artist92

  • Chase Hoyt
    Chase Hoyt

    8:39 💀💀

  • Shayne Duquette
    Shayne Duquette

    KS I U SHUD do it

  • Shayne Duquette
    Shayne Duquette

    Kristen u show do it

  • Mr. Gupta
    Mr. Gupta

    I died when Neo was running the wrong way


    He really don’t know Danny Duncan is

  • toca boca gaming
    toca boca gaming

    Lol the cars

  • Jaseh flores
    Jaseh flores

    Tbh if jj and the other SLtoos boxers join the match tiktok will lose

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan
    Edgar Mkrtchyan

    10:24 😑📸

  • otdavid

    I laughed my ass off when i saw this 3:44

  • Boltz _YT
    Boltz _YT

    At 4:19 he said oh no and I got a ad I almost died😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Cody Rush
    Cody Rush

    the disrespect on danny’s name

  • Baqir Shah
    Baqir Shah

    How is Bryce hall a tic toker HIS LAST UPLOAD WAS 2017

  • Lucas Suarez
    Lucas Suarez

    Is what like bullshit?

  • Kurta Clan
    Kurta Clan

    So ksi only reacts to Reddit now huh....🤦‍♂️

  • Electro Gamers
    Electro Gamers

    What if ksi goes for the boxing event ,as the participant ??????

  • Mohammad Shah
    Mohammad Shah

    imagion if we pick ksi for the boxing match

  • toner

    Yo everyone has to pick Ksi for the you pick SLtoos side

  • Davve1

    Swear earthquake got 8mill in one day

  • Zaid Alshurman
    Zaid Alshurman

    Thumbnail:ksi laughing. My brain: come to the boxing match=ur on the ground

  • Tatum Peiffer
    Tatum Peiffer

    JJ really cuttin down on the platinum now

  • Eddy Al-Mallou
    Eddy Al-Mallou


  • Eddy Al-Mallou
    Eddy Al-Mallou

    JJ everyone should know you’re on team SLtoos because you are a SLtoos are

  • Eddy Al-Mallou
    Eddy Al-Mallou

    JJ what are these under the water things

  • Eddy Al-Mallou
    Eddy Al-Mallou

    JJ calm down

  • AP3X

    My dumbass Thought jj had 4 hamsters even tho it was just a mirror

  • Anther site
    Anther site

    How not know who Danny Duncan is?

  • Mir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlays
    Mir Erkin Aydoğdu MirPlays

    Neo and Morpheaus will be roadmen in the future

  • 30 krish
    30 krish

    its the complete opposite for me, i mean i know all these tiktokers while i dont know any of these youtubers except austin. but still i respect everyone.

    • 30 krish
      30 krish

      @Mini Mo no before this event(tiktokers vs SLtoosrs) I had no idea who deji was but now since he's in the event I know him.

    • Mini Mo
      Mini Mo

      So you don’t know deji

  • tony leon
    tony leon

  • Aiden T
    Aiden T

    I want all the tik tok mf to lose

  • KoalaFan

    Day 1 of asking ksi to make Tokyo Drift - Hamster Drift

  • Neojay Dugay
    Neojay Dugay

    I am neo too 😂

  • Kdar

    How does ksi not know Danny Duncan

  • James Molyneaux
    James Molyneaux

    Danny Duncan is elite ahha

  • Jonathan Chipantiza
    Jonathan Chipantiza

    niel tthhhiiiiccccc

  • Aidan Badger
    Aidan Badger

    You know who tanner fox is but not Danny Duncan? You make no sense.

  • Arely Pesina
    Arely Pesina

    14:33 looks like polo g is naruto running

  • NotDanny

    This SLtoos vs tiktok event is

  • Deniz

    Bne bu videoyu bğenmedim çpö gbi olmuş bko gbi htta

    • Deniz

      sne kes

    • Deniz


    • Deniz


    • Deniz


    • Deniz


  • Not_Enzo

    Oh he better train, a lot harder than your training.

  • Bryn Hogan
    Bryn Hogan

    Patience is actually fire thoooo. 🔥🔥🔥

  • DTA K
    DTA K

    Me getting triggered that JJ doesn’t know who Danny Duncan

  • Do Nathan
    Do Nathan


  • Jeancarlos Hernandez
    Jeancarlos Hernandez


  • Illumi turned around
    Illumi turned around

    start is wholesome

  • moose boi
    moose boi

    Fuck you I spent 5 minutes trying to find the last bit of the title

  • Khoja Sediqi
    Khoja Sediqi

    4:20 I like this video😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • Suuisai

    am I the only one who doesnt understand what he says in his intro


    Yo he doesnt know daddy dun can I'm infuriated

  • Klutch Kayos
    Klutch Kayos

    Wait Ksi really doesn't know Danny Duncan 😵😵

  • Nick Paulo
    Nick Paulo

    When is the actual fight? June 15th?

  • Stepbro Uzi
    Stepbro Uzi

    at 1:35 he says alternative instead of alternate lmao

  • Stepbro Uzi
    Stepbro Uzi


  • Creased Zard
    Creased Zard

    Bro Rest In Peace to whoever Danny is fighting

    • Creased Zard
      Creased Zard

      @xyungx damn I really only wanted to watch to see him

    • xyungx

      @Creased Zard yeah he said it on his insta story

    • Creased Zard
      Creased Zard

      @xyungx wait fr?

    • xyungx

      bruh Danny ain't doing the fight no more :((((

  • youn dum dumm hehe
    youn dum dumm hehe

    Imagine if JJ was on the SLtoos team 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • carson plaz
    carson plaz

    omg this mans songs lawd

  • tsl ray tsl ray
    tsl ray tsl ray

    Ksi thanks for making my life better you always make me laugh and you make me feel happy when ever I am sad thank you

  • Najem Najem
    Najem Najem

    Imagine Ksi collabed with Danny Duncan

  • Riley Gooding
    Riley Gooding

    Ok ok , bladski 2.0 if we get the song number 2

  • Cole Allen
    Cole Allen

    How tf you don’t know who Danny Duncan is

  • Elmo Kid
    Elmo Kid

    Ima make this comment 14,601

  • Luke Sansom
    Luke Sansom

    At 4:21 man says “Oh no..” then I get 2 un-skippable ads🤦‍♂️😂 the words have already been said for me lol

    • Luke Sansom
      Luke Sansom


  • Alex garcia
    Alex garcia

    He said who’s Danny Duncan hell nah

  • Mingo

    Dirt on my chain is like ohio fried chicken all over again

  • Bishop Szmyd
    Bishop Szmyd

    JJ please train/ help dedji! We all want to see him win and fuck up his opponent. It’d be great to see you by his side and be able to congratulate him in the ring

  • Nathan Alazar
    Nathan Alazar

    Jj be loving his brother

  • Tiffani Jackson
    Tiffani Jackson

    Petition for a song with Simon, Fatneek and Tobi

  • Tiras

    So I wasnt the only one that hated most of his features

  • Manuele Paulo
    Manuele Paulo

    3:34 looks like normal teens but then grew up British

  • I hate life
    I hate life

    he's starting to look like jeff mayweather

  • Ethan Budd
    Ethan Budd

    How the fuck do you not know who Danny Duncan is? Disappointed

  • Akaal Slogo
    Akaal Slogo

    Imangen deli wackiness bunny hackers face all the way to the moon

    • Akaal Slogo
      Akaal Slogo

      Imange deji whacking vinny hackers face alway to the moon

  • Billy Summers
    Billy Summers

    how does he not know danny????????

  • XxHawkXx

    Bro people only know u from when u and Deji called out jake and logan

  • astro boiii
    astro boiii

    If olijede was in fight they all will get slapped

  • Jose Camacho
    Jose Camacho

    Did he really say he doesn’t know who Danny Duncan is

  • A R
    A R

    How do you not know who danny Duncan is